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Sunday, April 22, 2018

Fresh Halibut - First of the Season

Halibut is our favourite fish.

In fact it is the only fish that I really like.

We wait impatiently every year for the first halibut
of the season.

The first halibut is always on special.

Our first meal of the season on March 30th was
Halibut fillets 

 pan fried and then finished in a hot oven.

Simple preparation 

with brown butter and lemon.

Second meal, I had promised to make Moe

 Halibut Fish and chips.

With a homemade Tartar sauce and double fried fries.

Third meal was

Halibut steaks also finished in the oven.

Even though the steaks taste the same as the fillets,
I do prefer the fillets.   

But the second week the price for fillets doubled to $4.99  - 100g or $22.70 per pound and
the steaks were still on special for $2.99 -100g or $13.63 a pound.

Moe loves my homemade fish and chips so
I caved and bought another fillet and made

Fish and chips one more time.

I noticed when I was in the fish market
this week that the fillets are now up to $5.99 - 100gs or $27.70 a pound
and the steaks are now 3.99 - 100g or just over $18.00 a pound.

Thursday, April 05, 2018

Antipasto Platter.

I decided to make an Antipasto Platter for dinner one night recently.

 Both Moe and Matt love this meal.
I shopped on the way to work and started grilling when I got home from work.

First I put red, green, yellow and orange peppers on the grill to blacken.

 When they were finished they went into a bag to steam while the eggplant and the zucchini were grilled.

Put together Honeydew melon with prosciutto, drizzled with olive oil and black pepper along with Kalamata olives, Genoa salami, Gorgonzola cheese and grilled garlic bread.


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