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Friday, February 13, 2009


Picked up a 5.875 K (12.9 pounds)Whole Boneless Rib roast yesterday at Costco. AAA Alberta beef.

The beef at our Costco is wonderful. Never disappoints.

I cut it up into 8 small roasts just big enough for two or three. Each weighing between 1.7 pounds and 1.10 pounds. Perfect for the grill. I froze all but one and that one is going to be pre-salted and will become our Valentines Dinner Saturday night.


  1. Ann...the meat looks beautiful!
    Did you have to trim off much fat?
    Thats a great idea getting the whole shebang!

  2. Jacques just picked up Filet Mignon..you two:)

    I had some last night ..it was divine..

    You will put it to it's best use!

    Looking forward to many after pics:)

  3. Ann, what a beautiful piece of meat.

    It looks like you're in for some delicious eating!

    We've been very, very pleased with Costco's meats down here in Oregon as well.

  4. Gorgeous meat ... you can't get much better than that. ... We get most of our meat from a Costco in Missouri.

    We bought filest from our Costco last Sunday. The marbling and quality was perfect. One of the tenderest, tastiest, filets, I've ever eaten.

    Speaks very highly of Costco that they have consistently good quality meat and in such diverse areas.

  5. Beautiful-looking meat. I'm with Monique - can't wait to see the 'after' pics!


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