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Thursday, February 26, 2009

More Bagels

I love my days off when I can bake and just generally play in the kitchen.

Bagels with Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese

I baked Bagels again yesterday. Last weeks batch was long gone. We had smoked salmon and cream cheese on bagels for lunch yesterday and this morning. (Using a photo I already had)

Toasted Bagel and Tomato

And this morning we had toasted bagels with sliced tomato. If I'm not having something sweet than Toast and tomatoes is my second favourite breakfast. Even more so in the summer with Heirloom tomatoes.


  1. Your pictures are making me hungry!! The bagels (and everything on them) look great!

    Found you on foodgawker!

  2. Oh Ann, I love all of your photos of bagels, but these are especially appealing!

  3. Even though I just had a lovely dinner..I could just bite into your bagels Ann..
    I too love days off to play..I really really do!
    You play nice:)

  4. oh what a great looking breakfast, almost better then my brownies i ate!

  5. Oh my...those bagels look like perfection...even though the bagels here are really great, I may have to give your recipe a try...
    I want bagels and lox right now!
    I also love a toasted bagel with cream cheese,tomato, cucumber, red onion and sprouts!


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