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Sunday, February 22, 2009

Sunday Morning

Baked a batch of Jacques Torres Chocolate Chip Cookies. Still have lots of dough left for tomorrow.

Then I put a half a turkey in the oven to roast before leaving for work. I had pre-salted this turkey on Friday night.

Although we just had hot chicken sandwiches for dinner earlier this week, I offered Moe the choice of a typical roast turkey dinner or hot turkey sandwiches and he choose the hot sandwiches. (Because he wanted homemade fries again.) The fries are double fried so they are wonderfully crisp on the outside.


  1. Ann, I'm amazed at how much you accomplish first thing in the morning before heading off to work!! Oh how I wish I was an early riser. I'd have cereal much less often for dinner!! ;-)

  2. I uses to love J Torres show.about .Chocolate ...
    How different are his cookies???
    Everything looks delicious..

  3. i actually just made the cookies tonight. I didn't cool the batter over night, only a few hours, but I did end up making the entire batter... each cookie at about 3-4 inches, I got a whopping 60 cookies out of it!!! And topping it off with a little sprinkle of salt (i didn't have the sea salt recommended in the recipe so just used regular table salt) really brought the flavor of the chocolate alive.

  4. I've never roasted just half a turkey . . . what a great idea. And we love real fries!

  5. I used to love Jacques' show too Kathleen..Oh I bet these are good Ann..
    I second Moe's choice:)

  6. Did you use the bread flour and the pastry flour? I could not find pastry flour and made them with bread flour and all purpose....there is a lot of chocolate in those cookies! What chocolate did you use?
    Beautiful Ann!
    Your turkey looks wonderful...a hot turkey sandwich and fries are one of my all time favorites!

  7. Those are our favorite chocolate chip cookies as well. Although I have altered the recipe slightly to our taste. the last time I made them the cookies were better when the batter did not rest. I am looking forward to further analysis.

  8. A choc chip recipe I'll need to look up..family's fav cookie!

    Ever since I saw your homemade fries, I knew I needed to try them..any special seasonings?


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