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Monday, March 23, 2009

Breakfast for Two

Steak and Eggs
Scrambled Eggs with Sautéed Mushrooms
and Fried Potatoes
Have I mentioned before that Moe loves breakfast? Decided to spoil him with one of his favourites. Steak and Eggs. Beef tenderloin pan fried and served with sauteed mushrooms and fried potatoes. He had his eggs sunnyside up. I skipped the steak and just had mushrooms and potatoes with scrambled eggs. Toasted homemade bread.


  1. If ever you HAD to have gone on EHARMONY in your youth..(More youth:)) and had posted this.. you would have had the most responses!
    My mom..made this for my brothers..my whole life through till I was 10 ,and let me tell you they adored her!

  2. this would be a deluxe dinner for me, and to think your day starts like this...

    and monique you are a total crack up with dating!

  3. Monique, even Moe laughed about "EHarmony".


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