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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Drop Biscuits

Moe put in a request this morning for Buttermilk biscuits with cheese and chives. The same biscuits that I made last week. (Actually he really wanted cheese, chives and ham, but I was missing the ham) Rather than roll and cut them I decided to make drop biscuits. I use the same recipe but add just a tad more buttermilk.


  1. Rolled & cut or dropped, your biscuits always turn out photo-perfect. They look so good, Ann. Yum.

  2. I hope he appreciates you Ann! You are such a good wifee. LOL One of these days I will try these biscuits but not until after I am weighed in at the doctors! Hehehe

  3. Even when you drop things they look perfect:)

  4. looks yummie!

    monique you crack me up!

  5. Dear Thibeault,Love your blog! Photos and recipes mouth-watering. I couldn't find the recipes for drop biscuits or chicken pot pie. How can I get them?

  6. TLaura, The drop biscuit is made using the same recipe as the Country Biscuit recipe. I just add a little bit more cream so the dough is a little softer.


    I intend to make a chicken pot pie later this week and I'll post a recipe then.


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