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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Halibut - Opening Season

Finally!!!! Fresh Halibut. My favourite fish. Actually if the truth be told it really is the only fish that I really really love. It has a long season here (Pacific North West) from March until late October, early November.

I made dinner tonight to share with our neighbours, Barb and Clif. Barb has been home for about 6 weeks but is heading back to Edmonton where she works. She won't be back again for about 4 or 5 weeks.

I made a Black Olive, Tomato, garlic, Lemon zest and Basil salsa to serve with the halibut.


  1. I love halibut, too - your meal looks delicious. (I need to make those potatoes, too - I'm always fascinated by them!) The tapenade looks delicious. What a great send-off Barb got! :D

  2. Ann! Frédérick made us fih Sat night w/ a salsa..that may be that one..it had capers too does yours? Oh I love salsa w/ fish!!Cute bowl!

  3. love the dish, love the fish, and recipe too! ok, what are you paying a pound up there? last time i looked $28 a pound...

  4. Halibut is my favorite fish. Although I grew up eating lots of salmon.

  5. Monique, No capers in mine. Did Frederick cook Halibut too?

    Jain, wow and I thought $16.99 was high. When you factor in the exchange rate ours is about half price.

    Dana, next time you and Matt come up for dinner I'll cook halibut for you, Moe and I and grill something else for Matthew.


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