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Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Saucisson Au Chocolate et aux Figues

Saucisson au chocolat et aux figues

Monique, shared this recipe on the Darling Bakers and on her own Blog - La Table De Nana. If you haven't already found Monique's blog you are now in for a real treat.

I made it late last night just before going to bed. Didn't have a chance to taste it until this morning. It is soooooo good. Love the combination of the chocolate and the figs. They really compliment each other. I used Callebaut Dark Chocolate and toasted almonds.


  1. I am honored and impressed:) Ann..for every little thing I have learned from you..this is really nothing:)
    Your photo is as we say..Picture Perfect!
    Thanks for making my little recipe(and of course JDS's!) come to life in BC!

  2. ann its gorgeous~ and i love how it compliments your blog background so well too!

    i am afraid to make it, i know i would munch it down like a carot...

  3. Oh my....perfect!
    Just beautiful as was Monique's...
    you ladies are so creative!

  4. Un saucisson qui change du saucisson ;-) !



  5. this is simply gorgeous! I can just taste how wonderful it is!!!

  6. Ann, your saucisson is as perfect as Monique's! I love it. I getting figs tomorrow so I can be a copy cat, too! :D

  7. Perfect, Ann!

    I love when two of my favorite cooks/photographers
    create such wonderful things.

    Many of us learn so much from you two very talented women.

    Thank you so much. xo


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