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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Fresh Picked Asparagus

Freshed picked Asparagus

Another taste of spring. Stopped at a local asparagus farm and bought two pounds of fresh picked asparagus. The pickers had just empty their baskets and the asparagus was given a quick wash before it was weighed. Doesn't get any fresher than that.


  1. Asparagus is my absolute favorite veggie! I can't wait to go to Farmer's Market too! Mmm. Mmm.

  2. Great photo -- I can just tell how tender and crisp they are! YUM. I really enjoy asparagus.

  3. Asparagus is right up there on my list..It goes so well with so many things.. makes so many different dishes on it's own..And is so beautiful to look at..

  4. Asparagus farm? I'm lucky to find a few wilted stalks at the supermarket! Lucky...

  5. My sister grows a huge crop of asparagus - can't wait until it's ready... wish there was a GOOD way to freeze it to keep it's consistency and crispness :(


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