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Monday, April 20, 2009

Grilled Beef Tenderloin and Breakfast

Our neighbour Clif invited us for dinner yesterday, so I didn't have to do much after I got home from work. He baked potatoes (Moe loves baked potatoes) sauted mushrooms and cooked some corn on the cob and he gave me the beef tendeloin steaks to grill. Clif likes his meat a little bit more done than Moe and I. I put his on the grill a couple of minutes before ours.

There were two small steaks leftover so I made Moe a hash with poached eggs for breakfast. Needless to say he won't be hungry again until dinner.

Moe waited patiently for his breakfast while I took pictures. He didn't even mind that I poked a hole in his egg so I could get a picture of the yolk flowing out.


  1. I am happy Moe doesn't mind when you poke holes:) And happy Cliff invited you for dinner..
    I can just see your grilling:)

  2. Grins about poking holes and making Moe wait while you take pix. I on the receiving end of some pretty heavy signs while I move things around to get the best angel and light.

    Kudos to you for knowing how to grill. I don't even know how to turn ours on.

    The grilled tenderloin (for BREAKFAST no less) would certainly be a hit in the house!

  3. Oh goodness!!! All my faves in one: steak, potatoes and runny egg yolk... It's the triple threat - thanks for sharing!! :)

  4. Moe and your neighbor Cliff are sooo lucky. Sure wish I was your neighbor!


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