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Saturday, April 18, 2009

Roasted Rack of Pork

I prepped a rack of pork before leaving for work this morning. Bought at my favourite local butcher,the roast was a little 4 bone rack with the rind. I absolutely love "cracklins"

I rubbed the rack with a mixture of fresh garlic, sage, salt and pepper. It was Moe's job to take it out of the fridge around 3:30pm and put it in the oven at 4:30. When I got home from work around 5:20 the house already smelled wonderful. Didn't take long to peel the potatoes and get the brussel sprouts and cauliflower ready to steam. The rack was roasted in a vintage 1940's Griswold cast iron pan.


When the roast came out of the oven, I set it aside to rest while I made the gravy and cooked the vegetables.


Once the potatoes were mashed, I carved the rack and placed the meat along with the vegetables on a large serving platter and carried it next door where we had dinner with our neighbour Clif. TIP: Pour gravy into a designated coffee or tea pot with a lid. Makes pouring easy. I have a china pot that came with a set of dishes. It has only ever been used as a pitcher for gravy.


  1. Great tip about a cute teapot:) I like that..I have 4 small gravy boats..but for a larger group I would do this! Thanks and of course the meal looks wonderful also.

  2. Absolutely LOVE the tip about using a coffee/teapot as gravy boat. How many times have I seen beautiful little pots at antique shops and wished I had a use for them. No question now. Next weekend I'm going to have one (or two, or...) LOL I CAN'T wait.

    You are so clever! Thanks for sharing a great idea!!

  3. Katy, good idea to hit the antique shops or maybe even the thrift shops.

  4. I can not keep up with all of yoyr beautiful food...
    Everything you make makes me hungry!
    I want to reach in through the screen!


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