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Friday, May 08, 2009

Bagels and Breakfast

Started a batch of bagels while I was preparing dinner last night. Started about 5:30 pm and the bagels came out of the oven at 8:30. Cheddar and Onion.

Moe and I both had toasted bagels with tomatoes for breakfast. My favourite topping on a toasted bagel.

The recipe for the bagels can be found here.


  1. These bagels look awesome!! I will have to make some soon, too.

  2. I had that for breakfast too!

  3. I would love one..right now!!!!!

  4. ooh yum, i can't wait til we move and I have room to bake - i'll definitely be making these.

  5. Your bagels look fantastic! And, I love tomatoes on bagels.

  6. I'm just relaxing after eating my own dinner and I see your bagels, and I think, "Geeze, wouldn't I just love a big ole bite of that!" Too good!

  7. Ann...your bagels make me swoon!

  8. I've tried your recipe and loved it. What amazed me was how easy it was! But oh so good. Yours look great!

  9. These bagels are so easy I hope you will all give them a try.

    Dana,your bagels turned out perfect. I was really impressed.

    Stephen, you are definitely ready to make bagels. I've been following your bread baking on your Blog.

    Suzy, glad you gave them a try. They really are easy aren't they.


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