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Monday, May 04, 2009

Chocolate and Caramel Roasted Almonds

Found this recipe on another blog Piggy's Cooking Journal. Thought they sounded good and I just happened to have a bag of whole almonds in the freezer.

The recipe is very easy. I coated half with Callebaut dark chocolate and the other half with Callebaut white chocolate. I actually prefer the white chocolate better.


  1. Excellent find. Thank you for sharing. Saving this to include in my Christmas goodie boxes that I give to family and friends.

  2. I would think that both would be delicious but the white is calling my name too w/ the almonds~

  3. Mmmm...MMMM....good! Almonds are my favorite and I always have raw natural ones on hand for snacking. I love the dark chocolate best and always have a square to munch with them. Thanks for reminding me of my favorite guilt free snack! ;) ~CC Catherine


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