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Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Chocolate Walnut Fudge

Creamy and Smooth

To satisfy Moe's sweet tooth I made Chocolate Walnut fudge. I made it just before I went to bed so he didn't get to sample it until this morning. I used my traditional fudge recipe, adding a cup of semi sweet chocolate. After the fudge reached the soft ball stage, I left it to cool for 10 minutes before adding the chocolate and beating.


  1. This looks so perfect and professional and I can smell the chocolate--honestly!!

  2. Ann...Moe should kiss your feet twelve times per day...sheesh...I would if someone made me all that beautiful food!
    It is really a good thing I do not have that fudge before me...I would eat way too much of it!

  3. Gorgeous swirls! Oh my! All around just wonderful, I think.

  4. So you're blaming the fudge on Moe's sweet tooth?? LOL Good for you! It does look beautiful and creamy - perfect fudge!

  5. It looks like the fudge I see in beautiful little tourist shops in Vermont and Florida:) that people pay gadzilllions for:)
    So I just add chocolate to your reg. recipe? Great!

  6. i recently just made fudge on my blog too! yours looks great!

  7. I agree with Susan, I can literally smell the chocolate!! Amazing! Walnuts & chocolate is one of my favorite combinations! For similar treats that combine nuts and chocolate, visit Dove Chocolate Discoveries’ webpage.

  8. omg, i was just coming here to find your halibut posts and this grabbed me... i could park myself on this post for months, YUM YUM YUM!

    i was so exctied today, i have not been to the store in a month, found fresh halibut for 9.99 at costco and i know you will have loads of great recipes when i get around to cooking it~

  9. Your recipes are to die for! Thanks for sharing.

  10. are you replacing the white chocolate chips with the one cup semi sweet or doing both?


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