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Monday, June 08, 2009

The Darling Baker's Afternoon Tea

The Darling Baker's hosted a "Virtual" Afternoon Tea on Sunday. I wanted to participate but worked, so, I decided to prepare mine today. Rather than Afternoon Tea we had it late and I served Champagne instead of tea. Since it was served early evening I think it was really a "High Tea".

Smoked salmon and cream cheese on mini bagels and shrimp filled profiteroles.

Rice, Chicken and Mandarin salad. I found the recipe in a Harrods Cookbook.

For dessert we had chocolate éclairs filled with a white chocolate pastry cream, and little cream puffs with the same filling but with raspberries, dusted with powdered sugar.


  1. Exquisite!

    I love the elegance of an afternoon tea!!

  2. Now Jacques and I would have loved to join you for tea.
    This is a very Harrod's presentation:)!

  3. Perfect. I love "little bites" and your high tea is just right. And very lovely.

  4. those shrimp filled profiterole look SO tasty, I love chilled shrimp salads like that.

  5. Be still my heart...perfect!

  6. It all looks delicious, Ann!

  7. Everything looks so good. I would really like the recipes for the shrimp mixture and the rice salad. It all looks so beautiful!

  8. Lovely tea! Everything looked inviting and delicious!


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