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Thursday, June 04, 2009

Rump Roast

This is a cut of meat that I would normally use to make a pot roast. But it can also be roasted rare and sliced thin for a very nice roast beef dinner. Although a rump roast "roasted" is never going to be quite as tender as a prime rib, it has a lot of flavour. I rubbed the roast with fresh garlic, salt and lots of black pepper and roasted it in a 500°F oven. It took less than an hour to cook this roast. We like our meat rare, so I took it out of the oven at an internal temperature of 122°F. Would have preferred it a little rarer. Should have taken it out closer to 115°F.

There are many that think that this cut of meat should be roasted long and slow, but that just isn't the case. The high heat method works great and is a real time saver, especially. if like me, you worked all day and didn't have time to slow roast. The leftover beef will make great beef dip sandwiches for dinner tomorrow night.

TIP: My favourite method of roasting most cuts of meat; beef, chicken, pork, lamb, etc.. is using Barbara Kafka's High Heat Method. If you are interested in trying her method you might want to check your library for a copy of her cookbook - "Roasting - A Simple Art"


  1. I had a friend who was a professional chef and he swore by the high heat method as well.

    Your roast looks succulent. Dinner looks fab!

  2. You have to be the best meat cooker:)

  3. I must try this. Would not have come up with this idea myself. Thanks.

  4. I love the high heat method, too. Would have never thought of it for a rump roast, though - glad to know it turned out so well! It looks delicious (as all your meals do!)

  5. Just ordered the book! Eagerly waiting now....Amazon from Goodwill for .25 cents plus $3.99 shipping...what a deal!


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