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Monday, July 27, 2009

Baking on Convection

I've never been a big fan of convection baking. I've had three ovens (including a Viking) that claimed to be convection but they weren't "true" convection. They just had a fan in the back of the oven. I found that I had to play around with the temperature and time and it was usually a hit and miss. Not worth the effort. My new oven is also convection but it has the third element.

Saturday evening we were sitting out on the front porch having a glass of wine with Clif and Barb and I made the offer of baking either scones or biscuits Sunday morning. The response was they wanted "Both". So I decided to test the convection option and try baking a sheet of scones and one of cheddar and chive biscuits at the same time.

There are seven preset options for convection baking. The temperature for "Baking" was 350°F. This kind of worried me a little bit because I normally bake the scones at 425°F and the biscuits at 450°F. But what the heck, I put both sheets in the oven at the same time and hoped for the best.

Thankfully they both baked evenly and were done at the same time.


  1. They're beautiful..I don't understand though did you bake at 350? Convection?

    My ovens have a button..well several:) that you chose either convection or regular..


  2. Glad they both turned out. They're gorgeous and the hydrangea is lovely too!

  3. Those scones look delicious!

  4. Oh, what I wouldn't give for a stick of butter and one of your beautiful biscuits or scones.


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