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Monday, July 27, 2009

Roast Turkey Dinner in July

I bought a fresh turkey breast Thursday, presalted it and left in in the fridge tightly covered in plastic wrap. Friday morning I removed the plastic and left it in the fridge so it could air dry. Moe had the oven already preheated to 500°F for me when I got home from work. While the turkey was roasting (took less than an hour) I prepared the sides. Simple mashed potatoes with gravy, simmered green beans and a couple of Hakurei (little white turnips) from our garden. The only thing missing was the stuffing. I seriously debated making stuffing too but it was so hot here that I already thought I was crazy roasting anything.

If you are interested in trying either the presalting or the high heat method you can find the basic instructions here:

High Heat Roasting

Presalting Instructions


  1. I rarely think to roast any part of the turkey in summer - Yours looks so good. I love a good turkey dinner!

  2. Delicious! I found your blog through A Feast for the Eyes (Debby) and I found myself fully engaged. I bookmarked several recipes and I can't wait to try them.


  3. Don't you just love turkey? It makes me happy to see people enjoy it year 'round and not just at holiday time. I ended up slow cooking mine; roasted is better!


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