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Monday, September 07, 2009

Breakfast - Eggs in a Cloud

I made Moe wait for his breakfast this morning.   But it was worth waiting for.   I  remembered one of Monique's recent posts on her blog La Table De Nana when she baked Eggs in a Cloud..  I thought at the time that this was something that Moe would really love.   And I was right.

I made a few adjustments to suit our taste.  Really to suit my taste.  I'm not as big a fan of eggs as he is so I needed some additional flavours added. 

Chives were added to the beaten egg whites and rather than bake the clouds on a bed of toast topped with cheese, our eggs were served on a bed of sauted Shittake Mushrooms seasoned with a little minced garlic and served with bacon and sauted cherry tomatoes and the toast on the side.

Also the egg whites were baked for about 8 minutes before adding the egg yolks and then baked an additional 7 minutes or so until the yolks were just set.  Moe likes his eggs on the soft runny side and baking them for 15 minutes would have been over cooked for him.

This is definitely a keeper.


  1. Wowsa...this would be a Huge Hit...to serve family and friends. Yummmmmmmmm! What a treat!

  2. looks fab i love the way you made yours~

  3. I really need to try these....I just love the look of them!
    Beautiful breakfast!

  4. Well, Ann, now I'm going to have to make this, too. Oh, my. Beautiful presentation. I cannot wait for the weekend to do this!

  5. Great presentation/idea w/ the tweaks and cazuelas!!

  6. Very nice! Looks beautiful, and I'm sure it tasted even better.

  7. This is sooo beautiful! Can't wait to try it! Thanx for sharing!


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