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Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Double Batch of French Bread

Baking bread is my favourite "kitchen" activity on my days off work.

I kneaded up a double batch of French bread dough yesterday and stuck it in the fridge until this morning.  It need about three hours to come to room temperature.

Once it did it was knocked down and then left to rise a second time before shaping.   I ended up with  4 loaves.

Moe had a  few slices of warm bread for lunch.  With butter of course.

The best and easiest recipe for French  Bread/Baguettes is Julia Child's recipe.


  1. Tell me why you don't have a small bakery? You should.. just a few choice customers:) I know you would give it away:) But I would love to see your bread sold in beautiful unique bread bags:)

  2. Thank you Monique, but the reason is that would take all the fun out of baking.

    But I do like the idea of finding some beautiful unique bags to put the loaves in that I give away.

  3. Got my butter knife and my butter all softened. Just for for a nice thick slice to go with!

  4. How do i see your recipe that you used please?

  5. Stacey, if you click on the link in my post it will take you to the recipe. It is in a previous blog entry.

  6. Beautiful! It is almost cool enough here to start making breads and soups again!


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