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Sunday, September 06, 2009

Fish Dinner

I left for work an hour early yesterday morning so I could go to the farmers market. I picked up a number of fresh veggies - green beans, yellow beans, swiss chard, two more pounds of wonderful fresh garlic, zucchini, cauliflower and little fingerling potatoes.

We had dinner with Clif, our next door neighbour. I cooked one of Moe's favourite meals - fish. Except for halibut which I absolutely love and could eat a couple of times a week, I'm not a lover of fish. But I don't mind Petrale Sole especially if it is breaded or just pan fried and topped with brown butter and herbs or a lemon butter sauce. Last night I coated it with fresh bread crumbs seasoned with parmesan cheese, pan fried it

served with roasted potatoes,

the above mentioned beans, steamed and buttered


cherry tomatoes from our own garden, sauted in olive oil and seasoned with fresh minced garlic and fresh basil.


  1. I adore sauted cherry tomatoes! Lovely meal...what a lucky neighbor and husband!

  2. I love fish done this way..What a lovely meal Ann!!

  3. On those rare occasions when I eat fish, this would be the way I'd enjoy it. I'm sure your neighbor is feeling so fortunate to have YOU for a neighbor as well!

  4. Ann, I made this with flouder. It was so good we had it again the next night. I got baby sweet potatoes from the farmers market that I roasted with brown sugar, salt, pepper, and cajun spice, yummy, along with sauteed cherry tomatoes from my garden and then popped in the oven with a bit of feta cheese.


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