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Monday, September 07, 2009

Sunday and Monday Night Dinners

Both of these dinners are very simple to put together.  The chicken was roasted on high heat and tonight's pork chops were grilled.

The chops were rubbed with fresh garlic, salt, pepper and chipotle pepper so they were a little spicy. 

The corn came from our garden and was sweet and tender.  
I planted about 8 corn in our little garden.  Something I have never planted before.   We were both excited to be eating corn that we actually grew.Only two cobs were ready to be picked, but I hope to get another 6 or 8 before the season ends.


  1. Oh, how I love fresh corn. I will be so sorry to see the season pass. That pork chop looks pretty darn delicious too.

  2. Wow..the pork chops look so succulent! I will miss all of the corn we have been enjoying. Your meal looks wonderful.

  3. I love corn in virtually all it's manifestations, grins. We haven't had enough of it here this summer. I must include it on my next grocery list.


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