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Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Diner Food

One of the local grocery stores had both Pork Tenderloin and Rump Roasts on special this week.  Buy one get one free.  The pork tenderloins were wrapped in packages of threes, by the butcher. Fresh pork, not package in a brine or solution.  I bought two packages.  Froze 5 of the tenderloins and kept one out for Sunday night's dinner.  And, I bought two Rump roasts, one for the freezer and one for Monday night's pot roast.

I initially thought I would stuff the pork tenderloin and roast it, but since we just had stuffed chicken breasts Saturday night  I decided to go with breaded pork tenderloin in a mushroom sauce instead.

I bought a baguette at the grocery store on the way home from work Sunday  and processed it in the food processor for fresh bread crumbs.   Cut the pork tenderloin in to five pieces and pounded each out thinly.    Rubbed with a little fresh garlic (grated on a microplane) dipped in seasoned flour and egg and then into  the bread crumbs. I have a large rectangle electric skillet that is perfect for frying because it will do three at a time. 

Sides were fried potatoes with green onion and steamed fresh green beans.

Monday we had a pot roast with caramelized onions.   With really simple sides.  Mashed potatoes and frozen peas


  1. Yummmy girl...it all looks just wonderful!
    And it is making me very hungry!
    Beautiful pics as well Ann!

  2. Your diner food sure looks mouthwateringly good!

  3. You always provide such a beautiful food-fix photo fest for us Ann.

    Everything looks delicious, you have a magical touch ~ and capture it all so beautifully.

  4. Round these parts, this would be gourmet dining, grins. Beautifully prepared and presented and looks so outrageously divine.

  5. I wish I was as organized as you are! That mushroom sauce looks very very delicious from here. YUMMM

  6. Holy moly that pot roast looks DELICIOUS!! I love the pork too, but wow that roast.

  7. Oh yum. Everything looks so good. Your dinners always look amazing,Ann!

  8. Ann, you make such appealing food. It doesn't matter what I prepare for dinner ~ when I come here ~ I ALWAYS want YOURS instead. :)

    Such comfort food, prepared and photographed so perfectly. Very nice!

    I love coming by to visit your beautiful blog. xo

  9. Thanks everyone. I really do appreciate your kind words and you taking the time to follow my blog.

    Mari, thank you, but I'm not in your league. Not even close. I visit your blog every day and drool over what you have made and wish I could take photos like yours. You inspire me.

  10. Your dish looks succulent! Thanks for sharing :)

  11. Really great comfort food! Sales can be so inspiring! Great post.


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