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Friday, December 04, 2009

Weekly Bread Post

This bread makes the best toast.  
I kneaded up a large batch of bread dough on Tuesday morning.  Baked four baguettes on Wednesday and saved half the dough to make pizza and two more loaves of bread Thursday night.    Moe took the dough of the fridge an hour or so before I got home from work so that it could come to room temperature.

Thin crust Pizza  topped with my own pizza sauce, fresh mozzarella, sauted mushrooms and chorizo.  

And I had enough dough leftover to bake two more small loaves of bread.


  1. wow adoro fare il pane! complimenti!!

  2. Dang that looks good Ann! No... actually it looks FABULOUS. Every photo makes me want to reach right into the screen for a sample.

    And that pizza is perfection! Very nice. :)

  3. No one does it better. Excellent!

  4. Beautiful bread, Ann. I decided to make my weekly batch tomorrow. And now I will have to save some for a pizza crust! Beautiful!

  5. I must make a point to bake bread weekly too! those bread look so good. :)


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