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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Bread and Pizza


I'm still baking bread at least once a week.  Last Tuesday I kneaded up a batch of baguette dough, baked four small baguettes and saved the other half for another day.  Which turned out to be Sunday.  Moe pulled the dough out of the fridge early so that it was at room temperature by the time I got home from work.

I made a pepperoni pizza for dinner and still had enough dough left over for two more baguettes.

The texture of the crust, the crumb, and the flavour are  substantially different than the loaves made with  "same day" dough.  I love all the holes. Makes the best toast.


  1. I always seem to have dough in the fridge- some days it's a challenge to remember which one's which! Love it!
    xoxo Pattie

  2. Your bread looks so pro, it could be from Poilâne and you would fool me!

  3. Your breads always look so perfect and inviting. The holes look perfect.

  4. You are the bread Queen!! This just looks amazing. I have a friend who is always trying to get that perfect crusty crust. Do you do anything different that makes bread crustier?

    Thanks Ann, for another Eye-petizing post!

  5. Oh my, does that bread look GOOD, Ann! I ♥ all the holes...perfect for the butter to melt into.

    I made Asiago cheese bread over the weekend & it tastes yummy. Will post photos soon but I have to find out whose recipe it was that I used. Forgot to mark it down. I check here first, as you are the Bread Queen! LOL

  6. WW, you've just reminded me I still have bread dough fermenting in the back of the fridge, I hope it's still good.

    At any rate, your breads look delicious; never quit those close-up shots.


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