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Saturday, May 29, 2010

Moe's Birthday Dinner

Since it was a work day for me  dinner had to be something simple. The one tradition we have is Moe's Birthday "dessert" is always something with strawberries and since the easiest "Strawberry" dessert to make is strawberry shortcake that was what I went with.

The shortcakes went into the oven minutes after I walked into the house. While the shortcakes baked, I sliced the strawberries, sprinkled with sugar and drizzled over them a little Triple Sec and set them aside. Next I seasoned a rack of  baby back ribs and got them on to the grill. 

The ribs were done in just under an hour and the only side we had with them was fresh corn.  Amazingly sweet corn for grocery store corn. It will be a few months before farm fresh corn is available around here.

I love fresh corn with  butter, salt and I also  have to have lots of fresh ground pepper on mine.

The shortcakes were split and topped with fresh whipped cream, the strawberries and more whipped cream. You can't have too much whipped cream.


  1. Delicious! Happy Birthday Moe!

  2. What a nice birthday meal for Moe. Happy Birthday, Moe!!
    Your strawberry shortcake reminds me of our first taste of this wonderful dessert when we were living in Maine in 1970-71. Strawberry shortcake there is made with a type of biscuit. We didn't know what to make of that since in South Texas we use either angel food cake or pound cake. It was very good... just a little different for us. The ribs and corn look so tasty.
    Scrumptious meal for sure. Lucky man that Moe!
    Ladybug Creek

  3. Happy Birthday Moe! My daughter asked for strawberry shortcake today- such a wonderful dessert!
    xoxo Pattie

  4. A perfect birthday meal! Strawberry Shortcake is the perfect dessert.

  5. I bought wonderful local berries at the market yesterday just for shortcake. It's the best summer dessert. Moe's birthday dinner looks scrumptious. Hope he had a great day.

  6. ohhhhhh YUM.... strawberry shortcake!!!!

  7. Happy Belated Birthday to Moe...what a lucky guy! That meal is fit for a king!

    I'd love to know how you got ribs to look at tasty & moist after just an hour on the grill. I've always been told I need to cook them a loooooong time in the oven before browning on the grill. Probably why I don't make them very often!

    I'll go peruse your recipe file to see if you've posted your recipe/method on this blog.

    Thanks for sharing your pretty photos. I like how you fanned the berry on the top...beautiful shot!

  8. Thank you. I passed your birthday greetings on to Moe and he thanks you too.

    Karen, I use my regular scone recipe which contains heavy cream for the liquid. Makes a nice rich biscuit.

    Rett, I went back and added a link to my Greek Rib recipe. Ribs are easy to cook on the grill and I often make them on a work night since they do cook quickly. I know that some people think that ribs need to be boiled or bake first, but it really isn't necessary.


  9. Ann, I have never cooked ribs in my life. When you say grill, what kind are you referring to? Is it an outdoor, charcoal type or indoor type. I keep wanting to give them a try but have been hesitant.

    It is strawberry time in my southwest Missouri garden. I have processed 19 quarts so far and am not nearly finished. I can't count the times we have had shortcake both biscuit type and cake type. I haven't done an angel food cake yet. Need to make one and do that.

  10. Glenda, I cooked them outside on a gas grill. My grill has three burners, left, centre and right. I heat the grill to high, place the ribs over the centre burner, which I then turn off, adjust the two outside burners to medium and close the lid of the grill so that the ribs cook over indirect heat. I turned them a couple of times and depending on the thickness of the ribs, they should be tender in about 45 minutes to an hour.

    If your grill only has two burners, then it works the same. Place the ribs to the side, turn off that burner and cook them from the indirect heat of the other burner.


  11. What a perfect birthday dinner!!! YUM


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