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Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spicy Seasoned Pork in Lettuce Cups

Asian Lettuce Cups.
This is one of my favourite dinners.

  I love all the different textures - Cold crisp lettuce leaves, hot seasoned pork

bean sprouts,  

cilantro, toasted sesame seeds and  the  spicy hot sauce.   

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Asian Lettuce Cups

Use this as an outline.
Measurements are just approximate. I don't measure anything.

1 or 2 tablespoons peanut oil
1 pound of chicken breasts ground, or
lean ground pork
1 minced garlic clove
1 or 2 teaspoons minced ginger
1/2 cup chopped  onion
chicken broth
3 green onions chopped
Bean sprouts
fresh chopped cilantro
Lettuce Leaves

Heat oil and saute the onions, when soft add the  ground chicken or pork.  Do not brown.  Add the garlic and the ginger.   Add a little chicken broth to stop the meat from sticking.  Simmer until meat is cooked.  Season with salt. Remove from the heat and add the green onion.


(season to suit own taste)

1/2 cup rice vinegar
1 or 2 tablespoons of garlic chili sauce or Thai sweet chili sauce.
minced ginger
minced garlic
sesame oil to taste

Additional ingredients.
Peanuts (Optional)
toasted sesame seeds
Chopped water chestnuts

To serve, spoon on to lettuce leaves and drizzle on a little of the sauce. Top with bean sprouts and cilantro.


  1. Lettuce cups are the perfect little wrapper for so many things! I've never done pork, but have done a spicy chicken. And just veggies and some mint make a good combo too.
    Looks so pretty and ready to assemble on your platter!

  2. Ann this looks absolutely delicious! My guys will love this...great summertime meal!

  3. Thank you for the reminder of this recipe! I made it last time you posted and once I saw it I had to make it again. I used ground turkey and had chopped mint or chopped cilantro...both are good. I used butter lettuce; I find them easier to fold.


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