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Tuesday, August 10, 2010

This Weeks Bread............

I've been lax in my bread baking the last few weeks.  Between working full time and starting a new business of our own there hasn't been a lot of time to set aside for baking bread.  Plus we have had  a few hot days when I just didn't want to turn on the oven.

My intentions were good though.  Last Wednesday I kneaded up a batch of dough with the intention of baking it for dinner.   That was the night that Matt and Dana came for dinner and we had Hungarian Goulash.  The dough ended up in the fridge and was left there until yesterday afternoon, when I decided I had better use it or lose it. 

During the week, I had to knock the dough down a couple of times as it threatened to push the lid off the dough container.

As I have mentioned before, dough that is left in the fridge for a long fermentation makes the best pizza dough,but, it also makes a great loaf of bread.  The flavour is more developed and the loaf is full of wonderful holes.  Makes the best toast.

The recipe I use for bread, and I use the word "recipe" loosely, is based on Julia Child's French Baguette recipe.  I say loosely, because I don't really measure anything.   The flour is scooped in by the cup full, the yeast and salt are measured in the palm of my hand and I add enough water to get the feel that I want.  Sometimes I want a slightly firmer dough so I use less water, but most times I want a wetter dough so I increase the water.   Regardless, bread is very forgiving and easy to make and always turns out.


  1. There isn't anything better than the smell of homemade bread wafting through the house...unless, of course, it is tasting it!
    Glad your weather cooled down enough for you to use the oven.

  2. What a beautiful loaf, Ann. I wish I could say my bread always turns out. The bread making gene isn't one my mother passed on to me, but I keep trying. As soon as the weather cools off I'm going to try this recipe.

  3. That looks good! I also enjoyed your goulash post - the red cabbage looks yummy. We've grown our own this year and I hope to can some for winter meals.

  4. AS I am eating freshly baked bread I can commend you on your efforts. Your loaf looks fantastic, so "old world".

  5. The bread looks wonderful, Ann!

  6. Wait, did I miss something? I thought I read all your blog posts, but I don't remember any mention of a new business. Whatever it is, good luck. The bread, as always, looks fantastic.


  7. Robin, Moe and I have partnered up with another couple to make a Thibeault's Table Signature line of Vancouver Island Maple Cutting boards.

    I posted a tease over on the cutting board gallery.


    Stay tuned. I'm planning a give away here in the next week or two.


  8. That is exciting Ann, I noticed the tease right after I posted my comment. Good Luck and congratulations!



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