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Monday, October 18, 2010

A Cowichan Bay Dinner

We made dinner out of appetizers last night.   
And everything came from the local area.

Buttery garlic Qualicum Bay Scallops and fresh caught Spotted Prawns.  Gravlax and smoked octopus.

The chef from The Masthead a wonderful restaurant in  Cowichan Bay,  makes the Gravlax and the Smoked Octopus that is sold at the  Cowichan Bay Seafood.   

The bread is also from Cowichan Bay - True Grain Bakery.

Friends, Bud and Cathy dropped off fresh caught and cleaned prawns just as I was putting dinner together.  So I cooked a few of the prawns with the scallops.

The smoked Octopus is wonderful.  


  1. Fabulous spread fit for a king.

  2. Of course everything looks good on your boards:) WE are having your dumplings in chili sauce tonight..I had to fold the wontons as dumplings though only had the round dough..Hope they turn out ok~

  3. Ann, what a fabulous meal. We like to make dinner out of appetizers, too! I don't believe I have ever eaten smoked octopus. It looks great!

  4. I've never had smoked octopus. An appetizer dinner is a great idea.

  5. Oh my, what a feast! The prawns and scallops are mouth watering. I haven't seen smoked octopus in any of our local fish markets. I would love to try it.

  6. There is nothing better than appetizers for dinner! And you've served up a feast! I love octopus...so often it's tough. The smoked looks really good.

  7. Ann this meal looks like heaven to me!
    The prawns looks amazing as does everything else.
    The bounty where you are is incredible!

  8. Appetizers for dinner is a favorite treat here, too Ann, but I can guarantee ours never look as gorgeous as yours.

    What a lovely array of delectible treats, and to know they are all from your area makes it all the more special. Fortunate you! I'm green with envy. xo~m.

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