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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Grilled Prime Rib Dinner

This is one of my favourite dinners and it couldn't be easier.

A small prime rib, just big enough for two. 
Cooked on the grill.

Served with roasted potatoes,steamed carrots (for Moe) and wonderful little tender green beans. 

The roast was rubbed with fresh garlic and seasoned with salt and lots of coarsely ground black pepper. 
The potatoes were par boiled and then tossed in hot oil and roasted in a cast iron skillet in a 450°F oven.  Turned a few times so they would brown evenly.

After the meat rested for 10 minutes I cut off the one rib bone and then sliced the roast in half. Two perfect slices.


  1. Günaydın, ellerinize, meğinize sağlık. Çok leziz ve iştah açıcı görünüyor.


  2. Your meals are always so cozy Ann..Moe is very very lucky.

  3. Delicious...I could tuck into that right now!

  4. I am starving! That is my favorite meal, with a little salad of iceberg with green onions and olive oil and white balsamic vinegar, or plain rice vinegar. It all looks perfect.

  5. My dad's favorite! Nice and rare, too.
    (I wish I had some of your leftovers because I have the most divine dish made with leftover roast beef!)

  6. Your prime rib is cooked to perfection, Ann. I've never cooked this cut on the grill. I better try it.


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