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Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Antipasto Platter

This was one of our dinners last week.  

I was in Victoria most of the day and got home late.  Knowing that I wasn't going to feel like cooking I picked up a number of tasty treats from various delis and put together a Antipasto Platter.  

Melon and Proscuitto drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with fresh ground black pepper.
A local Vancouver Island Comox Brie from Natural Pastures Cheese company.
 Genoa Salami

 Dates stuffed with Gorgonzola Cheese

 Duck Rillettes

 Nicoise Olives
Arancini - Italian Rice Balls


  1. Oooh Ann.. Every morsel looks divine..I am reading Joh Grishams' Playing for Pizza..they are in Parma right now eating some of these things..~
    Gorgeous pics.

  2. Every bite on that platter is "good enough to eat." We love these type of dinners. In fact, that is only one reason we love Europe so much. They often eat like this and we have a beautiful, large lunch out and in the evening go back to our gite after a visit to the deli. Beautiful.

  3. This takes me back to memories with my Italian family! I cannot believe you made rice balls? I always thought my Italian aunt made up the recipe. I'm impressed Ann!
    My mom would die over the stuffed dates!

  4. When shall i be over?? I love Genoa salami

  5. What a feast. This is my favorite kind of dinner - lots of little bites.

  6. HI Ann. I love meals like this too! Did you make the rice balls or buy them?

  7. Monique, I like the title. Will look for that book.

    Thanks Susan and Pam.

    Jennifurla I love Genoa Salami regular and really spicy.

    Mine too Cathy.

    Hi Jo-Anne, I didn't make them this time. But I've made them in the past.


    I made the Arancini picture in the above link, and filled them with cheese and basil.

  8. Such a beautiful platter! I love your pictures...LOVE

  9. Did you say you live in the South of France...the pictures are beautiful and i can just taste those delicious dates!

  10. I feel like sometimes those antipasta dinners are the best - just easy, tasty morsels one after the other. Beautful photos, too.

  11. Antipasto looks like a fine painting!
    But Ann, I have to tell you, those stuffed dates made my mouth water.

    Oddly enough, I've never had Duck Rillettes, and yet, it is having the same reaction on me, as the dates.

  12. this is so grogeous, i would be licking the bowls... then my fingers!


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