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Saturday, January 08, 2011

Steak Dinner

  Needless to say we like our beef on the rare side.

Moe put in a request for baked potatoes to have with his steak.  Honestly, I think he would be happy to skip the steak and just have the potato. 

A steak dinner is one of the quickest dinners to put together but not if baked potatoes are also on the menu.  They do take at least an hour to bake.

Nothing special done to the steaks other than they were presalted  the night before and just before grilling they were rubbed with garlic and lots of fresh ground black pepper.
The steak was quickly grilled and sides, along with the baked potato were broccoli and my favourite sauted oyster mushrooms.


  1. Now that's a steak dinner and cooked just right.

  2. Looks soo good! I too love baked potatoes. We did a steak dinner last week.

  3. My husband likes his steaks practically mooing...he would love this for his dinner :)

  4. The potato, mushrooms and broccoli look scrumptious! I'm with Moe, plenty for a meal.

  5. I'll take all of the above! Btw, the mushrooms look particularly mouthwatering!


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