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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Grilled Baby Back Ribs with Black Beans and Rice

I usually shop for meals on a daily basis.  But I was unmotivated on Monday and Tuesday, two of my days off, and  I didn't  even go out the door.  It is nice to have a lazy day or two occasionally.

Monday night we ordered in Pizza.  I also pulled a rack of baby back ribs from the freezer,  and when it had thawed I presalted and then left it in the fridge until Tuesday when it was rubbed with garlic and chipotle pepper.

I wasn't sure what I was going to serve with them, but then remembered that I had dried black beans in the pantry.  So.........I put the beans on to simmer in chicken broth, seasoned with onion, lots of garlic and cumin.

The ribs were grilled and the beans were served over rice topped with the salsa.


  1. Grilled ribs are wonderful! I need to remember to try dry brining.

  2. I too am a daily shopper for dinner. It drives my wife nuts but I just cant justify going and buying a whole bunch of mindless food to chuck in the freezer. I love your pics also!!

  3. you are deadly to my resolve... i can't look here, i am trying to shrink this year and you pics mave me ravenous... soooooooo mouthwatering, sooooo dangerous~


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