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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Nature's Masterpiece

Actually this is one of Moe's  Maple Masterpieces.

When we purchase a log or slab of  (Big Leaf Maple) Western Maple we don't always know what we are getting until we have the wood milled.

Only a small percentage (4%)  of Big Leaf Maple is blessed with the rare and amazing figures of Birdseye, Quilt, Curl, Tiger Stripe, Spalt, Flame, etc...

So, the figure in this board is truly magnificent.

Where possible we always try and keep the live edge. 

 Moe worked on this board for days, trying to keep the live edge and maintain its unique shape.
Because of the shape, everything had to be done by hand. 

Board #375 is designed to be a Cheese/Appetizer Serving Board.

This is a large board with two serving areas.

The board measures 26" X 23" X 1 3/8"

 The largest serving area at the top of the boards measures
20" X 12"

Closeup of the mixed figures.
Loaded with Birdseye.

And the second serving area, at the bottom on the board 
measures 14" X 6"


  1. It IS a very special masterpiece.You can tell he put his heart and soul into it..
    Beautiful Moe.

  2. Gorgeous!! What are the prices Ann?

  3. I could get lost staring at this beautiful piece hour after hour. Gorgeous, simply gorgeous.


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