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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My Idea of Leftovers

The  butcher cut me a nice size piece of beef tenderloin for last night's dinner.  It was  bigger than what I needed for the Chateaubriand, so I cut off a piece and saved it for tonight's dinner.

The steaks were rubbed with garlic, salt and lots of black pepper and cooked on the grill.

 I still had on hand,  baby carrots, asparagus and cherry tomatoes same sides as yesterday.  And I added  baked potatoes, Moe's favourite.

Topped with a dollop of leftover Bearnaise Sauce.


  1. I swear...you could be a food stylist!

  2. I bet your husband kisses your feet a hundred times a day!
    I am drooling Ann!

  3. You idea for leftovers, could be served in a fine restaurant.... yum!


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