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Monday, February 13, 2012


Introducing our 2012 Collection
 2012 Series 
Moe has been busy these last few weeks.

The Maple that we had  drying in our kiln was now ready to be made into boards.


Over the next few weeks I should have 40 to 60  boards, 
all with live edges and of similar figures.

We had a good idea when we purchased this wood that it was going to make exceptional boards and we have not been disappointed.



#5  Sold


  1. Ann..GORGEOUS~

    Kudos to you and Moe..
    We love your boards..but you knew that already.
    It must make you feel so good to see them come together~

  2. Ann the boards look amazing,,,,i have one on my wish list...or two...lol

  3. I'm curious. What is the purpose of the hole in each board?


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