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Thursday, January 10, 2013

A Labour of Love.............

We  haven't had many new boards to post in the last few months.

The reason being that Moe injured his shoulder 
and requires surgery to repair a tear in the rotator cuff.

Surgery is scheduled for late February.

Moe was going a little stir crazy, not being able to work 
so he decided to try and make a few knife racks.

The knife racks led to a few new boards.
Being very careful  not to move his left arm the wrong way he managed 

 to craft four magnificent boards from a couple of 
very special maple burls he had been saving.

The three knife racks are made from the same burl as boards #88 and #89.


  1. Moe, you are amazing! Prayers for your surgery and prayers to Ann. Everytime I see a new board, I want more!

    1. Thanks Brenda. #90 and #87 have similar figures to your large board.

  2. I think of your husband so often:)
    I wish him well..

    Moe..these are beautiful..Beau travail!

    Plse let us know the date of the operation..I would love to add a prayer that exact day.

    1. Thanks Monique. Surgery date is February 25th. I just realized as I typed the date that it is the same day as my grandfather's birthday.


  3. Actually..the first looks like a pair of angel wings:)~

  4. Do you have a stand/booth at Nat Bailey Stadium?

    1. No, our boards are sold in Vancouver only in the Market Kitchen on Granville Island.


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