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Thursday, December 05, 2013

Mince and Tatties

This is a dish I grew up with. 
Something my grandmother made.

 I use the same simmered beef that I use when I make Shepherd's Pie. 

 But the beef is served over top of the mashed potatoes, rather than under.
 I've always called it a "lazy" shepherds pie. But apparently it actually has a name 
- "Mince and Tatties".


  1. With the name, I had no idea what to expect but as a big fan of shepherds pie, I know I'd love this.

  2. Minced meat (hamburger?) and potatoes! Cook something good with what you have available. Give it a name when your children look skeptically and ask, "What is this". I would love to eat this, too.

  3. This is my idea of comfort food. This looks delicious, Ann.

  4. I never had a name for it but my mom made this every Tuesday of my childhood.

  5. I make something similar too. The big difference is that I add sliced fresh mushrooms. My husband loves it and calls it " 'licious burgers." I think your name is cuter, though.


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