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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

St. Patrick's Day Dinner - Corned Brisket and Leftovers

Last year I slow roasted my corned brisket.
Until then I was never a fan of corned beef done using the traditional boiled method.

I used the same method again this year.

Purchased a five pound corned brisket from a local butcher.

I rubbed the brisket with a little garlic and coated it with lots of coarse ground black pepper.

Although not smoked, it reminds me of my favourite - Pastrami

I triple wrap the meat in foil and then just to be sure I also cover the pan with foil.

Goes into a 250°F oven for approximately 6 hours.

 Ready to Carve.
~ ~ ~

I love the combination of potatoes and cabbage in Colcannon.
This year I decided to make individual servings.
The idea comes from Monique at La Table de Nana.

I omitted bacon and topped my Colcannon with caramelized onions.
 I cooked the onions in butter and oil.  
When they were ready, I removed them from the pan and added slivered cabbage.
Cook until the cabbage is tender.
I used my favourite Savoy cabbage.

The potatoes were cooked with garlic and mashed with butter and cream
and the cabbage was folded in. 

The leaves were parboiled and then cooled quickly in ice water.

Made a little ahead of time.
Here they are,  ready to be covered with foil and reheated in a 350°F oven.
~ ~ ~

Moist and tender.

Dinner is served.
~ ~ ~

Bread and Butter Pudding

 Served with a caramel sauce.
~ ~ ~

Next Day's Dinner

The best reason I can think of for cooking a Corned Brisket 
is for this - a corned beef sandwich.
This was last night's dinner.

Served on homemade sourdough rye.
~ ~ ~

The last of the corned brisket.

Made Moe corned beef hash for breakfast with 
poached eggs.


  1. I sure wish I'd been your house guest this week as everything looks awesome and that's pretty much the same routine we have for eating the corned beef. I've always cooked mine in water but this method must be tried.

  2. Every time I come to your site I have visions of your neighbors' noses pressed to your kitchen window looking for an invitation. This all looks delicious.

  3. Will be cooking mine this way next time I make it. Thanks


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