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Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Caesar Salad in a Crouton Tart Crust

My Caesar Salad is a favourite of Moe's.
I decided to make him one for lunch yesterday

and rather than make my regular croutons, I made a crouton crust
and served the salad as a tart.

I often make toast cups to serve appetizers or sides in.

Perfect filled with creamed mushrooms

 filled with escargot in a cream sauce.

For the tart crust,  I cut the crusts off five pieces of white bread and rolled the bread out to  flatten.
Brushed a tart pan with garlic butter and arranged the bread inside the tin, slightly overlapping.

Brushed the bread generously with the garlic butter and baked in a 350°F until crisp and golden brown.

Set aside to cool while I made my Caesar dressing.

The idea for making the crouton crust came
from a picture I saw, on the blog -  Karen's Kitchen Stories .
Karen made a garlic pastry crust rather than a crouton crust.

  Caesar Tartlets in a Garlic Pastry Crust.


  1. Caesar tartlets sound amazing!
    gorgeous blog ~ my first visit ~ will stop by again soon.

  2. Pretty cool take on this!! Love the crouton tart!


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