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Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Crusty French Rolls

Rather than bake baguettes I made 
crusty rolls.

Perfect size for a  sandwich.

for Crostini,
sliced and grilled , topped with
roasted garlic, sheep feta, oven roasted cherry tomatoes,
fresh basil and a drizzle of olive oil.


  1. Your bread always looks so special

  2. You make me sad I can't do this:)
    I just spent 9 days making a sourdough starter..and although the bread looked great..the huge holes were missing..the taste wasn't what I expected..I made a mess of vessels.. counters..sinks..towels..spoons..etc..
    I am sure it's my fault..but still..

  3. Monique, have you tried the Ken Forkish method? I've been using his method for hand mixing. Recently, that is all I've been doing. I've basically retired my Magic Mill. The dough is mixed in a larger container. I use a rectangular one because it fits best in my fridge. The bread on this post was made same day, not sourdough, just my regular baguette dough but using the Forkish pinch and fold technique.

    You can find his Saturday White Bread recipe on line. Here is a link.....http://www.karenskitchenstories.com/2013/06/nine-hour-crusty-white-bread-saturday.html

    And you can find his videos for technique here.....http://kensartisan.com/#/videos

    I really think you would love his method and the results.


  4. These look very good and they must be delicious!
    You made this buns with Ken forkish recipe the nine hours crusty white bread :-) ?

    1. No, I just used my regular baguette recipe. But I use his pinch and fold method.


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