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Friday, September 05, 2014

Pizza - Caputo 'Double O' - The Chef's Flour

I finally found a supplier for 
the Caputo 'OO' Flour.

Carried in one of the better grocery stores in Victoria.
I bought two bags.  One Red and one of the Blue.

I hand kneaded the dough , using the pinch and fold method,
and after the first rise, it was left over night in the fridge.

The  Caputo '00' Chef's Flour is suppose to be the "gold standard" flour for pizza. 
500g flour, 65% hydration, 2g yeast, 12 g salt.
 In the morning,  I took the dough out of the fridge and shaped it into two balls. 
Then  back in to  the fridge so they would be ready to go when I got home from work. 

The dough was silky smooth. 

First time I had used this flour so I was looking forward to seeing if there is a difference in the crust.

The pizza was baked near the top of the oven and finished under the broiler.


  1. That dough after baking looks fantastic. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Could you tell a difference?

  3. I buy that dough too..sometimes I use it sometimes not..It is definitely softer:)
    Little Italy here carries it..many stores..I love the different packagings too..and your pizzas:)

  4. Of course the pizza looks amazing but you didn't say if there was a difference? Was there?

    1. Patty, It was good, but was it better than my regular crust? I don't know. I'm reserving judgement until I make it again. I have enough flour left between the two bags to do three more batches of pizza dough. I'm thinking that the next time I make pizza I will do a test and make one with the 00 flour and one with my regular crust and compare.


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