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Sunday, January 18, 2015


Tried a new cookie this past week.

It is half chocolate chip and half brownie.

A little bit of a PITA to make because basically you are making two different cookies, four dozen each and then joining them to form one cookie.

I baked half and refrigerated the other half for a day. 
I found that the cookie benefited from being refrigerated.
 The cookie doesn't flatten out as much. Makes for a nicer cookie.

The recipe comes from Mel's Kitchen Cafe

The only changes I made were minor.
 I doubled the amount of vanilla extract in both cookies ( one teaspoon is never enough)
 and I added toasted walnuts to the brownie mix.
 A brownie isn't a brownie without nuts.


  1. The cookies look very good I must admit I was expecting a post about small trout :-)

  2. I love her cookie recipes and these look like they would be fantastic.
    Yin Yang:)

  3. You have combined two of my favorite cookies, Ann. That's a double treat for sure. Great idea.


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