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Thursday, April 02, 2015

Breads of March

A diary of the Breads of March.

12 Small Rolls from 1000g batch of dough.


Perfect size  for brisket of beef sandwiches.

Two sourdough baguettes

Close up


This bread makes great toast.

~~~ * ~~~
For this bake day I made three batches of dough.
One was my standard white - 750g batch at 68% hydration.
Second one a sourdough with 500g of flour  and 140g
sourdough starter with less than a gram of yeast,
and the third was a sourdough Rye.

This is the first batch out of the oven. Six small boules from the 750g batch. 

Four smaller baguettes from the 500g.


The Rye went into the fridge for a longer fermentation

and was baked a couple of days later.


Eight Mini Baguettes


I love the shine on the crumb.

The Rounds are from my (artisan dough recipe) 

and the small baguettes are sourdough. 
Both batches of dough were refrigerated overnight. 
Taken out of the fridge early morning 
before 4:30 AM.

Bread was out of the oven just before 10:00 AM

Sourdough Crumb


Since I hadn't fed either of my starters in a few weeks, I decided to feed them again and rather than throw out the discard or make another preferment, I just tossed 140 g of starter into one 500g batch of bread, and the remaining 140g of discard into a second 500g batch. But I also added one little gram of yeast to this mix, just in case. Both doughs went into the fridge for an overnight fermentation. 

Sourdough Crumb

Today's bread. Three baguettes.

Two with Gruyere and Caramelized onions and one regular.

Eight Baguettes



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