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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Sourdough Vs Yeast

I baked two different breads today. 
Both were hand-mixed last night and left overnight in the fridge for a bulk fermentation.

This is the sourdough. 

130g of starter in 750g flour, 
487g water
 and 18g salt.
 Baked two rounds in Dutch Ovens. 
They slightly over proofed while waiting for the baguettes to finish baking first.

This was the yeast batch.
Baked four baguettes.

Same 750g flour
487g water
18g salt
4g yeast

Even with the lower hydration 
I was really happy with the crumb.
Great shine and lots of holes.


  1. Both breads are beautiful! Since I started the sourdough bread baking, I hesitate each time seeing a beautiful bread baked using commercial yeast. Is it only less time needed that makes you bake with commercial yeast or flavor , and texture? What about the health benefits and gluten digestion, are they the same?

  2. To be honest, I'm not a big fan of sourdough. Never have been. But both my husband and my son love sourdough and I like the process of being able to bake bread using a starter that I grew from scratch with just organic rye and spring water. So I make sourdough occasionally when I fed my starter, and in between I bake bread, hand mixed using very little yeast. I'm not concerned about gluten. In fact unless you are one of the very small percentage of the population that suffers from Celiac disease there is no need to be overly concerned about gluten.

  3. Yum Ann. As I said before, you are the queen of bread baking.

    1. Thanks Madonna. Know that I am thinking of our and your husband.

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