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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Pastry / Bread Dough Board

We have added a new board to 
our Table Art Collection.

A large Pastry/Dough board.

Crafted from the same beautiful
figured  Western (Big Leaf ) Maple
as the other boards in our Collection.

One solid piece with a natural live edge.

Could also be used as a large
serving board for Charcuterie, cheese, etc...

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  1. Hi Anne, this pastry/dough board is so beautiful! Can you really use it to roll pastry on? Does Moe take orders and how much would it cost? (Sorry for these questions). But IF I could afford one I'd really like to get something for my pastry that my husband wouldn't grab to cut meat on! I've taken to hiding my pastry/baking "things" in my linnen closet. What man would go there? lol
    If you answer, coyly you please reply to robearsnana@gmail.com. -- that goes to my phone. The other (nanakearns) goes to my computer which recently died 🙁


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