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Monday, February 04, 2019

Baguettes with Biga

Before going to bed last night I mixed up a Biga.

2gs yeast
220g flour
220g water 
Stir well, cover and leave on the counter
to double overnight

This morning it had more than doubled and was
added to more flour and water to equal a 1000g batch of dough.

780g of flour
530g of water (75% Hydration)
27g to 30g of salt

Mix dough using the  Autolzye, Stretch and Fold method.
If baking same day, cover and let dough rise until 
triple in size.

If not baking same day, refrigerate immediately after
the last stretch and fold.  
When ready to bake remove from fridge and
let dough warm up and start to rise again. 

Usually I refrigerate the dough for a long cold fermentation.
Often for two to four days.  

But I decided I would do a same day bake.

Seven Baguettes.

The two smaller baguettes were baked in the
Cuisinart Steam Oven. 

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