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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Green Peppercorn Steak

I recently order some Herbs and Spices from

I always have trouble finding dried green peppercorns
so I decided to look for a place in Canada to 
order from.

The Silk Road is in Calagry, just one Province over 
and besides the fact that they carried
Green Peppercorns, I liked that their shipping costs were
flat rates and they don't make money on shipping.

I really dislike dealing with companies that
make a profit on shipping charges.

When I ship one of our boards, I try and
come as close as possible to the actually shipping cost
at the expense of actually under estimating sometimes.  

I had planned to grill a couple of 
dry aged for 58 days. Sterling Silver New York Strips
but changed my mind when Moe found my order 
from The Silk Road had arrived this morning. 

Decided to make Green Peppercorn Steaks
and instead of having them for dinner
we had them for  a late lunch. 

Served with Frites, 
spinach and mushrooms.  

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