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Friday, October 04, 2019

Sourdough Bake

Finally got around to feeding my sourdough starter recently.

It hadn't been fed in almost two months. 

(Thursday September 12th, 2019)

This is what it looked like before feeding.

(Thursday September 12th, 2019)

Fed it once to revive the starter.
Using bottled spring water and organic rye.
6 oz of starter with 3 oz of the rye and 3 of spring water. 

(Thursday September 12th, 2019)

In less than eight hours it had doubled.

Before bed, I fed the starter a second time using
the same formula. 

 I used some of the discard in a Biga (preferment).

(220g of water,
220g of flour,
80g of discarded starter)

In the  morning before leaving for work, I added the biga to a hand-mixed 1000g batch of dough
(72% hydration.)

(780g of flour
500g of water
27g of salt )
 and after the last stretch and fold the dough 
went into the fridge until late  afternoon the next day.

(Saturday September 14th, 2019)

Bread came out of the oven late Saturday night. 

(Sunday September 15th, 2019)

Sliced in the morning. 


  1. I drool every time you post recipes of your bread baking. I can make pretty darned good bread but my sourdough is never as nice.


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