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Thursday, February 07, 2019

Sourdough Bake from New Sourdough Starter

First bake using  my new  Sourdough Starter.

I made a biga Tuesday night using just 60g of discard 
from Stage Two of feeding my new Starter.

Wednesday morning  I added another 50 gs of discard from the next feed. 
And because this was a new starter I also added just one tiny gr of yeast for insurance. 

This was a 1000g batch at 75% hydration.

I made three batards,

 one baguette and two small bun size baguettes. 

I made the small ones because I knew Moe would want one while still warm. 

And of course buttered.

Considering this was a same day dough made from a new SD starter 
and one that wasn't even ready to use, 

I'm really happy with the crust, crumb, shine and flavour.

Now that I know the Starter is good to go,
future batches will be pure sourdough, without 
the addition of yeast.


220g of water
220g of flour
60 to 80g of sourdough starter

Mix well, cover and leave to rise overnight.

For a 1000g batch of dough at 75% hydration 
add the biga to 780g of flour
add 530g of water
27 to 30g of salt

And if you are not sure if your starter is
strong enough, add 1g of yeast as insurance. 

I use the Autolyze Stretch and Fold method which
can be found here.



  1. It’s beautiful...my toaster oven is a Wolf and I love it. Could I bake bread in it?

    1. Patty, yes you can definitely bake bread in your Wolf. It doesn't have the steam function that the CSO has, but that won't matter.


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